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The Heat Want A Bigger Allowance Live

After its recent success(es), the MIami Heat is looking for more government subsidies. Does a championship mean the public is ready to open the public purse?

The team says they need help from Miami-Dade to maintain the arena as a competitive venue for concerts and for providing better amenities to Heat fans. LeBron James's contract is up in a year giving him the choice to leave Miami. 

But for some, winning doesn't necessarily change the argument in a place where many sports teams are asking for more.  

Under the current agreement with the Heat, which runs until 2029, the county helped build the $360 million arena and pays the team $6.
4 million a year.  The agreement also includes a profit-sharing formula, but that has yet to result in any money for the county.   

One listener believes the county could take this chance to create a win-win situation:

Dave Notik may not be far off. WLRN's Phil Latzman noted that the timing of Miami's economic improvement and the Heat's wins and the arrival of Lebron James may not be just a coincidence

Even though it's clear that this city embraces the team (at least now) with an "us against the world" mentality, all of the traffic caused by today's parade might make people think twice. Or buy more pots and pans.


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